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slow dance

Slow Dance was commissioned by Toronto Dance Theatre. The work is a walk-through conversation between the audience, dancers, objects and the environment that contains everything.

Dancers: Peter Kelly, Devon Snell, Yuichiro Inoue, Margarita Soria





white elephant

White Elephant is a 60 minute multi-disciplinary, immersive dance installation. The performance space is covered with bubble wrap and strategically placed microphones and accompanying speakers to augment the movements of the five dancers. White Elephant explores the fragility of the existence and memory. In life we try to preserve memories in paintings, photos, and videos. And yet, some memories are so vivid they need no protection. These are the memories and experiences that our dancers will convey, using their own voices and physicality, to spectators.






Chromatic Variations

Chromatic Variations  started with the intent of combining images of the body, light, and various found materials and objects in order to create a number of studies that explore the experience and sensation of colour.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 12.15.58 PM.png


The Dinner Party
(Les Exclues)

I wanted to strengthen the
understanding that each
person has something to
offer and that every human
experience has validity’’
— Judy Chicago

Inspired by one of the most important feminist works of our time: The Dinner Party (1979) by Judy Chicago. The Dinner Party is a tremendous installation symbolizing the history of women in Western civilization. It is constituted by a triangular table and is arranged with thirty-nine commemorative settings, each of them representing a woman that was important in the history of Western civilization. In front of each chair is a plate presenting a sculpted vagina. Judy Chicago created the plates with an aesthetic and specific design for each of them. In this way, the vaginas are a reflection of the perception of the artist on the seated.



nature morte


Nature Morte is a 7-minute short film, created by Marie Lambin-Gagnon and Hannah Schallert, which aims to capture the implicit beauty of flowers and the feminine body by imagining their relationships in different configurations and senses.
Both existing as living modes of expression, flowers and the feminine body have played muse to some of the best known artists of our time, and their shapes, textures, and movements continue to animate and inspire. The film draws on this wealth of imagery to evoke the subtleties and the complexities of their relationship in ways which are at once poetic and surreal. A rich and sensual journey through a series of interconnected worlds, Nature Morte is a meditation on ephemerality, on strength and fragility, on stillness and motion- capturing life both without and within us.



Since childhood, I’ve always tried to surround myself with different art disciplines. During most of my academic time, I studied fine arts in parallel to my dance study and visual art studies. Variety brings a lot of motivation and stimulation to my creative process.

My hope is
to create meaningful
experiences that
touch the audience in
a visceral and
meaningful way.





My current artistic focus is on provocative movements that question society, and provide a subversive message against everyday order. My goal is to provide a visually stimulating vehicle to communicate the impact of a formal art and its meaning.








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